Monday, April 12, 2004

April 12, 2004. My birthday. Whoopeeeeeee. I went to see my grandparents (maternal) yesterday. That was fun.......they have a dog who is slightyly hyper but he's alright. I am actually in Virginia right now. I know, it's UNBELIEVABLE that I'm out of New York for my birthday. But ho hum. Matter of fact, I was gone for Easter too.

I think I might actually like Dana.....then again, I might not. Hrrrrrm, life is so confusing with him around. I find it hard to believe that he's serious about liking me.....when has he ever taken a relationship seriously?! Of course, ya never know, he could be serious. But still. I find it improbable.

Went skiing at Jay Peak on Friday. Twas quite fun, actually. Jay Peak is amazing, how many trails there are. It is not hard at all to get lost on that mountain. It really is huge, I swear. They had something like 66 trails open when I was there...crazy, for this late in the season. Of course, most of them had some ice, some rocks...you know. Spring crap. Oh well. We found a run on the far left side of the mountain (if you're facing down) that had some pretty good snow. Hahaha Timmy (my cousin) and I got lost a couple times...once, we found ourselves in the middle of a big mogul field. Definitely a learning experience, yes yes.

Ugh I need to go running...and I don't feel like it. I didn't run Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. That is pitiful. I am going to lose all the work I put into track...grrrrrrr. And when we get back, our warmup increases to a mile. Yaaaaaaay. I just love running more than necessary, don't you? Hmm I sound like I'm whining....but it's just a matter of getting up the will to start running.

Well, au revoir for now my friends. I must go...and play with my wonderful poodle. :-)

Monday, April 05, 2004

Well today was quite interesting. Not a particularly interesting day for the state of New York, but in my personal life all is well.

Home Ec was interesting today (for once) since we were planning our pasta labs. Alex is the "manager" of our group, since nobody really wants Camden to have that important job. Camden=grody!

After Home Ec, I went to math. Nothing special there, just time to grade binders, woohoo! Everyone is afraid to give themselves an A+, because we're afraid Mrs. Carroll will snatch up the binder and say, "Let me see that, it can't be perfect!"

3rd and 4th period were English. Ugh poetry is SO BORING! Right now we're studying limericks. Yuck. The only poetry I enjoyed writing so far was "snapshot poetry" in the style of Yehuda Amichai. It gave me a chance to really think about the people I love, and the good times I've had with those people. My final poem was on my grandfather (mom's side) whom I love a great deal but haven't spent much time with since I was about 7.

5th period is lunch and lunchstudy. Let me explain the idea of lunchstudy-at my school you only get 1/2 a period to eat, so for the other half of the period you get a study hall. Personally, I'd much rather have the longer lunch.

After lunch is French. The most boring class. All we do is sit there for 45 minutes, pretending to be interested and pretending to learn. Of course, it's different for the D students, but I'm not one of them, so why bother listening to old Mr Buchala-of-the-furry-eyebrows? Anyway, today we got back our tests, and Carly, Simone and I all got A+'s and were allowed to leave class for 25 minutes to look up things on the French high speed trains, l'academie francaise, and Chateau Versailles. THANK GOD! Simone and I looked up l'academie francaise (an institution for the perfection of the French language) and tried to find out where all the members are from. Now, we have certain questions which remain unanswered. For instance: Are the members buried with their green robes? Is this a full time job? Who makes the green robes? Are they members for life? Ah, we are so curious. I imagine that we will both choose "The Green Robes" as our PowerPoint topic, because I could learn so much from doing a project like that. Probably the one learning opportunity in French all year!

My last *real* class of the day is Science. 'Twas quite boring, as usual. Sometimes it sucks being gifted. I am always SO BORED in class, except math but they put me a year and a half ahead so that one's a challenge. Still, I've got an A average. Anyway, Science was Science...what more can I say. We got our tests back, 105 for me. Lol I have a 101.7% average! That's crazy....god I HATE being gifted!

Today was a B day, so I had Gym instead of Orchestra/Band. In gym today we did weight lifting and fitness stations....medicine ball, leg lifts, pecs....crap like that. It's easier than normal....I really like weightlifting though.

After school was track practice. Beautiful, beautiful track practice. We did our whole workout backwards today, which I loved, because I actually had energy for sprints! We didn't have to do ladders today, but we did do 17 in 70. Which is wicked easy, but not for SOME of us. Jeez we have some pre-t-t-y slow runners on the track team. It's the TRACK TEAM for goodness sakes!

Dana says he thinks he might like me a lot. I'm pleased, but I don't know how this will work out. I mean, he's going out with Emily, and if he can do this to her it's not like he wouldn't do it to me. I'm wondering just how serious he is about liking me...hmm. I believe a porch convo is called for.

Sunday, April 04, 2004

You may wonder why I've chosen to devote my blog, my personal thoughts, to New York State. The answer is simple. New York State is a beautiful place, with a variety of urban areas, rural areas, mountains and valleys, rivers and lakes. And since we can't really be classified as part of New England, we're in a class of our own. Beautiful parks, a northern climate, and, if you go far enough north, your occasional hillbilly.

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